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You have no idea what kind of power NutshellMail can give you. Lifehacker

One of "the best 6 free Facebook apps for businesses" SmartBrief

Robert Scoble @scobleizer

I just started using @nutshellmail … and it's quite nice @scobleizer (Robert Scoble)

I've been able to jump on business opportunities because I see potential clients' updates and can respond immediately. David Ryder, Veer Consulting

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Why use NutshellMail?

NutshellMail reminds you of social media activity that needs your response. When you're unable to access Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks — whether you're at work, traveling, or offline — we'll send an update so you don't forget!

  • Facebook reminders

    See new likes, posts & comments with links back to Facebook to respond.

    See your personal Facebook profile too, with birthdays, photos, friend requests & wall posts. Facebook updates »

  • Twitter reminders

    See mentions, new followers, search results, and tweets from your favorite lists in your Twitter reminders. Twitter updates »

  • LinkedIn reminders

    See profile updates & recommendations from your network and new discussion group messages. LinkedIn updates »

  • Rating & review reminders

    See new ratings, reviews, and check-ins from Yelp, CitySearch, & Foursquare.

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